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We lost Everything to the Thomas Fire

Thank you to all who have reached out to us concerning our safety from the on-going, raging Thomas Fire. We are all safe and evacuated from Upper Ojai until things are in working order... although they will never go back to normal. The hills around us are destroyed and unrecognizable, including our cider facility.

The Thomas Fire had two start points, one of which was on our road. We had to evacuate so quickly that we left with only the clothes on our back, and some important documents that we were able to snatch on our way out. Our three little ones were already in their pajamas for the night, and we didn't even have time to pack shoes or a change of clothes for them.

It was two days before we were able to get news about our property: our home, incredibly enough, made it through the fire! Our cider facility, however, including all our equipment and the cider we were storing, was entirely destroyed and the hills and homes around us are destroyed and unrecognizable.

In spite of this devastation, our determination to produce craft cider and our dedication to our local community prevails. We are planning to restart Anna's Cider immediately! 

In order to restart Anna's Cider, the first and only cider company in Ventura County, we ask for your support. As a new company, we had not yet established business insurance to cover any potential loss. We have lost our production facility, all of our cider, and our equipment, and so must rely on the generosity of others to move forward.  

We have set up a fundraiser for all those who are able to help us replace our loss so that we can  re-start as soon as possible. (We have also included some perks as a thank you to donors!)  

Donate Here 

Anna and the kids have evacuated to Washington until the air is breathable and power is restored at home. We miss making cider but have been able to do some apple picking up in Washington!



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  • joseph

    I’m new to ventura and went on to your website after reading the article in edible ojai and ventura to order cider and was sadden to head the news. I grew up in France to incredible hard ciders that are dry and floral, not like the sweet ones in the US. If you guys end up with a campaign were we can donate by purchasing cider on futures order, please count me in so i can support what i assume are delicious ciders.

    Best regards


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