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Who we are and what we do

We are a family owned and operated cider house in Santa Paula, California, making ciders and wines you actually want to drink.

Naturally Sugar-Free

Have you ever cracked open a cold cider on a hot day only to find it tastes like the main ingredient is corn syrup? (It probably was.) We ferment all our ciders until they are totally dry, and we never add sugar back. The result is a crisp and refreshing cider, naturally sugar-free yet still fruity, aromatic, and supremely crushable.

Naturally Carbonated

Our ciders go through a secondary fermentation in the can (or bottle, or keg), which produces carbonation naturally, instead of by force. We consistently hear the comment that our ciders taste like something between a champagne and a lager, and we take that as a compliment.

We also make wine!

Our family's background and first love is actually in wine-making. That's why we know how to ferment fruit in the first place. Scroll down for our limited-release white wine offering!