Anna's Semi-Dry Cider

Anna's Semi-Dry Cider

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Anna's Cider is:

  • Family owned & operated
  • Made in Santa Paula, CA
  • Hand-crafted from fresh-pressed California apples 
  • Made by a winemaker

We don’t: Water down or add coloring

The Semi-Dry Cider is made from 100% fresh pressed apples with the additional process of bottle conditioning, yielding a smooth, silky texture and fruity apple aromas (which gives the appearance of sweetness).  Very refreshing and approachable cider that is delicious on its own or paired with pizza, pulled pork, or spicy curry. No residual sugar. 6.5 % ABV

Very low use of sulphur, unfined and unfiltered, and naturally sparkling by “Pet Nat” process.